Ved veiskillet/Geaidnoearus, 2021

Collaboration with Elina Waage Mikalsen
Two-channel video, wooden structure, textile, archival material, c.15min

The activists describe a previously polluted fjord that is slowly regaining life. Geology and «new yet old» mining provide employment during the construction period as well as industrial waste in the fjord. From a terrain filled with contrasts, the struggle travels 1,300 kilometers through the air. A stretch from a place in the center of a political conflict where Sámi experience and environmental protection align against a Norwegian touchstone. 

In 1981, after massive protest against the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in the Guovdageainnu-Álttá river in Northern Norway, UKS hosed Sámi Culture Week, initiated by Anne Fenger, in solidarity with the indigenous population of Sápmi. Inspired by Sámi Culture Week and UKS´solidarity exhibition Our Earth is Our Life, Elina Wage Mikalsen and Magnus Holmen traveled to Repparfjord to tell a story of geological exploitation and contemporary solidarity. The Repparfjord, located in Troms and Finnmark in northern Norway, is under threat after Norwegian government approved plans to use the fjord as a landfill for mining waste. The fjord is a national salmon fjord with spawning grounds for coastal cod and an important resource for Sámi reindeer husbandry in the area.  

Letters from the midnight sun #1 Kabelvåg, 2020

Trestruktur, Interaktiv PDF, tekst, collage, arkivmateriale

Laget i samarbeid med Anna Näumann som Detour Collective.

Letters from the Land of the Midnight Sun er den første av flere åpne kunngjøringer fra kunstnerkollektivet Detour, bestående av Anna Näumann og Magnus Holmen. Det første nummeret, #1 Kabelvåg, er en konseptuell bulletin fra et sted som står oss nært. I kartet kan virkelighet bli til fantasi. Bekymringer kan forvandles til drømmer.

Kabelåña, 2017

Tourist Gaze, 2018