HÆRK is a curatorial collective of young art practitioners situated in Northern Norway. With our varied backgrounds and disciplines, HÆRK’s six members each bring their own perspectives and interests into the collective.

With moving images as our entry point, we approach the questions of the area we live and work in. Arctic geopolitical disputes rising and climate dilemmas being ignored; the issues surrounding us have amplified our feelings and the directions of our fascination. Listening to our peers and their ambitions of creating a future, despite drastic uncertainty, also has a big impact on our work. Thus, curating exhibitions, screenings, lectures and other events with such topics as an imprint becomes a way for us to interact with the complex present and counteract what seems like a worrying future.

Members: Johanne Edvarda , Magnus Holmen, Anna Näumann, Johanna Nyström, Hamid Waheed and Erik Martinson.

«Still There are Seeds to be Gathered, and Room in the Bag of Stars»
Filmprogram during LIAF (2019)

Kunstplass, Oslo (Sep – Dec 2019)

«Reverberation: Resonating Voices and Storytelling»
Screening and performance during Que Vive Exhibition Triology, Kunstplass, Oslo (2019)

Qui Vive! belit sağ – Filmer & samtale på Kunstplass

AMIFF Filmprogram 2018: 68°14’N†´†69°39’N 
Selected films from Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole and Tromsø Kunstakademi